Eggshell Mosaic Box

"Crackle Blossoms" Eggshell Mosaic Lacquer Box

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A graceful, rounded box and lid, hewn from mango wood, is adorned with eggshells in a bold floral pattern. The delicate crackle finish of the eggshell mosaic contrasts richly with the jet black lacquer of the background and interior. The result is a unique place for your cherished keepsakes, handcrafted by Subin Tositarat, using traditional Thai techniques.

Carved by hand from mango wood, the frame receives up to twenty coats of lacquer, with drying periods in between each coat. Next, eggshells are cracked into small pieces and arranged in the desired mosaic design. A coat of lacquer is applied to the piece and the shells placed onto this fresh coat. The piece is then lacquered twice more and, once dry, it is sanded in water until the eggshells slowly appear.

  • Approx. 5" diam. x 3" high
  • Mango wood

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