Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Japanese secret puzzle boxes are as collectible today as they have ever been. Thanks to the expanded exposure gained through the internet, there are more designs being produced today than ever. So the collector that is looking for variety, has endless possibilities available.

Our selection of Japanese puzzle boxes (himitsu-bako) are beautiful, functional and intriguing. Unique Box Shop offers you a wide selection of Japanese puzzle boxes with great prices and outstanding customer service. We make it easy for you to add to your collection of Japanese puzzle boxes or to start it.

Why is Unique Box Shop the best choice?

  • Now every box has more details so that you'll know just what level of quality to expect.
  • Original instructional diagrams are included with all of our Japanese puzzle boxes, secret boxes, and trick boxes. Sometimes these are in Japanese, but they are illustrated and easy to follow.

Restocking Details: We receive a new shipment of Japanese puzzle boxes at least every 60 days, so check back often to see new designs or restocked items.

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