Book Style Boxes

Book style boxes at Unique Box Shop are excellent storage containers whether you want them to decorate the room or to hide inconspicuously on a shelf.  We offer two styles of book style boxes.

Faux Leather Book Boxes - Our intriguing faux-leather book style boxes are one of the latest addition to our family of unique boxes from around the world. These beautiful boxes are wrapped in synthetic faux leather. The exterior sides or "pages" are ribbed and golden in color. The interior is felt lined. The hinged lid is held shut by hidden magnets. These boxes look great either sitting on a table or standing in a bookcase! If you use them on your book shelf, they'll make a great little hide-away for your secret treasures.

"Real Book" Secret Book BoxesThese incredible secret books really take re-cycling to a new level! Made from genuine books, they're great for presenting as special gifts to collectors or for hiding your valuables in a very inconspicuous place....the bookcase! brings you only the highest quality book stash boxes. Using a revolutionary and perfected technique, the pages from real books are dipped into a special adhesive and allowed to dry into a solid block. The inside cavity is then cut out to provide a secret spot that only you know about.

Book Safe Boxes - If you're looking for a little more security, then our book box safes are the answer.  Open the lid to reveal a metal lock plate.  These decorative boxes are felt lined and come with two keys.