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Moroccan Magic Boxes

These mysterious puzzle boxes have a rustic hand finish. They are handcrafted in Morocco from Thuya wood, a cedar-like aromatic burled wood found only in this part of Africa. These are very hard boxes to come by and are "must have" pieces for puzzle box collectors around the world.

Quality of Thuya Wood: Thuya wood is difficult to work with and the boxes are handcrafted, thus there are knotholes, nicks, and other imperfections in the wood which become a part of each box's character. The boxes are finished with lemon oil to attain a high luster. The burl of the wood has different absorbancy characteristics and this is noticeable. The interior is crude and unfinished. This is a crudely crafted rustic box, although it is highly collectible. If you are looking for excellent craftsmanship in a puzzle box, please visit our selection of Japanese Secret Boxes.

Five moves are necessary to open a Moroccan magic box in a 2 part process. First you must find the small brass key (a 2 step process), then you must find the keyhole (another 2 step process), and then you may use the key to unlock the box.

Sizes are rough approximation since each box is individually crafted. Size may vary by 1/4"

Larger Moroccan Magic Box  *
Small Moroccan Magic Box  ( lower grade) *
Larger Moroccan Magic Box *

Small Moroccan Magic Box ( lower grade) *

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